Brown Suga

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Pamper Your Body

Item Name Price Size Odor Classification
Lavender and Vanilla Pampering Combo Set
Eucalyptus Mint Combo
$25.00 Japanese Cherry Blossom
Honey & Oatmeal Soothing Combo Set
$25.00 Lavender & Vanilla
Untitled Item
$22.00 120 ml Lavender & Vanilla
Untitled Item
$18.00 50 ml Lavender & Vanilla Liquid
Untitled Item
$17.00 30 ml Japanese Cherry Blossom Liquid
Eucalyptus Mint: Exfoliating Brown Sugar Scrub
$15.99 Japanese Cherry Blossom Jar
Lavender and Vanilla Ultra Rich Body Butter
$15.99 Lavender & Vanilla Jar
Eucalyptus Mint Ultra Rich Body Butter
$15.99 Honey & Oatmeal Jar
Japanese Cherry Blossom: Exfoliant Brown Sugar Body Scrub
$15.99 50 ml Honey & Oatmeal Jar